Namaste Care at Braeburn

Here at Braeburn we have recently introduced Namaste Care.

What is Namaste Care, how did we prepare for it, and how does it benefit residents?

What is
Namaste Care?

Namaste care means ‘to honour the spirit within’

It is a multi-sensory programme developed by Joyce Simard to improve quality of life for people with advanced dementia.Namaste sessions are for people who cannot take part in larger group activities, however any residents can join in.

Namaste care sessions are lead by a care assistant but supported by all staff. While family or friends are welcome to join in we ask that they enter gently and remain with their loved ones throughout the session.

What is involved in a Namaste Care session

Namaste Care sessions take place in a room that is as free from distractions as possible. Generally, lights are lower, calm music is playing and a scent is in the air (often lavender).

There is a warm welcome to the room and residents are made comfortable in their seats with blankets and pillows.

Residents are given a drink of their choice and some snacks.
Staff will take time with each resident at the session, using loving touch and providing hand massage, or head massage or other activities of daily living such as washing faces and hands, brushing hair, moisturising. A loving, unhurried touch approach is used in all interactions between the person offering Namaste care activities and the person receiving them.

Sessions may also include items to touch and explore, this could be fidget items, shells, sand, plants or anything else.

Once we are settled in carrying our Namaste sessions we hope to have themed sessions such as a seaside visit, forest walk, or park picnic.

How does Namaste Care
benefit our residents?

Namaste care has many benefits.

It can improve resident and staff mood and relationships.

It can also reduce falls, antipsychotic medications, resistance to care, stress and distressed behaviours.

Namaste helps staff to get to know our residents even better, things that benefit the resident and also things that they may not like such as scents or feels.

For our residents with advanced dementia it helps residents live, not just exist, with quality in their lives until they take their last breath.

The Namaste Care Philosophy Statement is:

‘we believe that the spirit in each person lives regardless of their physical and cognitive status and that it is possible to nurture this spirit in each individual through loving touch and meaningful activities. This spirit thrives when people are in the presence of others in a calm environment”.

Before and after each session the staff member will carry out an assessment of the residents taking part, considering the benefit of the session to the residents.

How did we prapare to introduce Namaste Care at Braeburn?

A group of nurses, care staff and Activities staff attended training on Namaste Care, what it is and how to carry out a session.

We then created a Namaste Care trolley that has all the supplies needed for a session – this includes massage balms, aromatherapy oils, sensory lights, blankets, cushions, and a variety of other items!

We decided to start with one session a week and treat it like lunch – it can’t be missed.

"honouring the spirit within"

Nameste care sessions main focus is “honouring the spirit within” and is mainly aimed at people with advanced dementia to help them live and feel included in their community .

Sensory stimulation is one of the main methods that encorage this


soft songs,music or sounds are playing


the room has been beautifully scented with diffuser,candles,fresh flowers or sprays


plenty of items in a varity of textures (various fabrics ,stress ball blocks or beads ect)


colourful lights, colour fabrics and items, looking out the window at the nature outside or intresting scenes on the televison


varity of different of drinks availabe. fruit, cakes, biscuits, sweets and other treats to eat.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please feel free to contact Cheryl, Shona or Jo