Braeburn takes all complaints whether by resident, family member or member of staff seriously.

Any complaint should be made in the first instance to the Senior Person on duty. Most complaints can be resolved at this stage, but they should nonetheless be recorded.

Any complaint which cannot be immediately resolved will be referred to the Manager. The Manager will decide whether the complaint needs to be dealt with in a formal way, e.g. by investigation, disciplinary action etc.

The Manager will make a written note of the nature of the complaint, by whom it was made, the date of complaint and the action taken.

If the complaint remains unresolved at this stage, it will be referred to the Deputy Convenor of the Braeburn House Committee, who shall conduct investigations as he sees fit.

If the complaint remains unresolved after investigation by the Deputy Convenor of the Braeburn House Committee, it will be referred to the Convenor of the House Committee whose decision will be final.

Every attempt will be made to ensure that any complaint is resolved within 28 days of the complaint being made. Should a period of longer than 28 days be required be required to resolve a complaint – e.g. because of the complexity of any investigation required – the person making the complaint will be informed within the 328 day period of the delay in resolving the complaint and the reason for the delay.

It is the policy of the Home that two members of the committee visit the Home shortly before each meeting of the House Committee so that any concerns can be discussed with residents and brought to the attention of the as appropriate.

At any stage the, complainant can take their complaint to the Care Commission or to the Scottish Social Services Council, whose addresses are:

Care Inspectorate
Stuart House
Eskmills Park
Station Road
EH21 7PB

Telephone 0131-653-4100

Scottish Social Services Council,
11 Riverside Drive,


Telephone 0845-6030891