The care provided to residents is of a high standard.

To achieve this, care is individually planned, flexible and sensitive, enabling a response to be made to the changing needs and abilities of each resident.

Great emphasis is placed on encouraging independence, giving choice of activity, and residents self-respect and privacy are assured at all times.

Leisure activities both within and out of Braeburn are seen as an important part of the planned care.


Braeburn is registered with Social Care and Social Work Improvements Scotland and meets all statutory and regulatory requirements in respect of accommodation, staffing, hygiene, fire safety etc.

The accommodation is on three floors, with a lift and fireproof staircase. It is well furnished and equipped.

There are 18 rooms, some of which are large enough to accommodate two people if they wish to share. All bedrooms have en suite toilet and washbasin and are connected to a call bell system.

The lounges are large, sunny and quiet. There is also a comfortable television room.

A modern, well equipped kitchen provides all meals which are served in the pleasant dining room. Breakfast is served in the residents’ own rooms.
Braeburn has a well maintained sheltered garden with a large summer house, and all residents are encouraged to enjoy being out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Visitors are welcome at any time except during lunch and supper. There are facilities for residents to make coffee and tea for themselves and their guests.

Braeburn also provides regular entertainment in the home and also exercise sessions and crafts.

Personal laundry facilities are available at no extra charge.

Private Chiropody services within Braeburn.

There is a hairdressing salon and a hairdresser visits weekly.


Braeburn is run by the manager with a team of senior qualified and registered nursing staff, supported by care assistants, including trained nursing staff on duty overnight, domestic staff and a cook.

A team of maintenance staff ensure the building is looked after to a high standard.


Braeburn offers places to people who need some help caring for themselves.

Our aim is that residents should regard it as their home and we provide such care as they would expect from a carer in their own homes.

We encourage residents to continue to be as active as possible: it has been our experience that they do benefit from doing as much as they can for themselves.


Residents may continue to register with their own doctor, if he/she is agreeable, or with the practice used by Braeburn.

There is access to any community service which may be necessary such as physiotherapy, occupational therapist, dietician and Speech and Language Therapists.


The senior staff take care of the ordering and dispensing of medicines, though residents may take responsibility for this if agreed by their doctor.


The rector of the local Episcopal Church is the Honorary Chaplin and conducts a weekly Communion Service at Braeburn to which all residents are welcome.

Residents may seek pastoral care from ministers of their own churches if they wish.


Those who are able to meet the costs of Braeburn’s fees in full for a period of up to three years may applied directly to the manager.

Arrangements will be made to assess care needs and to confirm that these are best met by Braeburn.

It will also be necessary to provide information about both income and capital so that the Local Authority can decide how much they will contribute to personal care allowance and nursing allowance.

Applicants are encouraged to spend some time touring the home to meet the staff and residents before submitting a formal application. This will give an idea of the prospective resident’s suitability for the care given at Braeburn.

A medical assessment is also required with the application and all residents should have a completed power of attorney.


The home is usually full so it is unlikely that a place will be immediately available and names have to go on a waiting list, it will not be possible to offer a choice of room when a vacancy occurs but rooms look out onto The Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Castle or one of the surrounding parks.

Residents are encouraged to bring their personal possessions and some small items of furniture with them and this should be discussed with the Manager.

Personal effects (excluding money) will be insured by Braeburn up to a limit of £1000. For valuables above this amount residents should have more comprehensive insurance.

All rooms have a safe or lockable drawer for money or valuables, but residents are advised not to keep anything of great value or more money that is necessary on the premises.


There is an initial period of approximately one month for all new residents. This is an assessment period which is for the benefit of the resident and Braeburn. At the end of this there will be a review meeting at which it will be determined whether they are satisfied with and will be able to benefit the care Braeburn is able to give.

If both sides are happy with the results of this trial period future care will be planned with the senior staff.

It is recommended that prospective residents do not give up their present accommodation until the end of this trial period.


This will be given on admission and signed after the trial period. The agreement sets out in full the obligations of Braeburn and of the resident and the procedure to be followed should there be any complaints or problems.

If fees are to be subsidised by the Local Authority it will also be necessary to have a three way agreement between the resident, Local Authority and Braeburn.


The Management and the staff at Braeburn can take no responsibility for the financial affairs of residents, having opted out of Part IV of the Adults Incapacity Act 2000.

Residents who are unwilling to look after their own financial affairs or in the event of their becoming unable to do so, will be required to appoint someone with power of attorney to act on their behalf when the resident agreement is signed.


The inclusive weekly charges are reviewed by the board on an annual basis and will be available at the time of application.

The fees quoted will be after allowing for any amounts relating to Personal Care or Nursing Allowance awarded by the local Authority which is paid direct to Braeburn.

The fees cover food, heating, lighting, laundry and all normal personal care. There are additional charges when the resident requests extra services such as newspapers, hairdressing, private medical or other services.

During the trial period fees are paid weekly in advance. Thereafter they are paid monthly in advance by Bank Standing Order.

Fees are subject to regular review (normally once a year) and four weeks’ notice will be given before any increase, which normally takes effect at the beginning of April.

During absence from Braeburn for holidays or temporary admission to hospital a reduced charge may apply for a maximum of four weeks in any one calendar year and pro-rata for residents admitted part of the way through the year.

Residents wishing to leave Braeburn should give four weeks’ notice in writing, though this may be reduced to two weeks if they are in hospital unable to return.


The House Committee meets regularly and before each meeting two members visit Braeburn to talk with the residents and to learn of any matters which residents may wish to bring to the attention of the Committee.