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2024 CARE INSPECTORATE REPORT The Care Inspectorate visit annually and report on adherence to standards. Here is our latest report (January 2024). 2024 Care Inspectorate Report

Welcome to Braeburn Home

Braeburn Home is situated in a quiet residential area close to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. We are a private Home providing high quality nursing and social care with the companionship of other residents.

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Welcome home

We know that moving home – especially into a care home – is a huge life change. We will support you through the process so it’s as smooth a transition as possible.

We’ll make sure that your room is set up just the way you want it, with pictures hung where you want them.

We’ll make sure that we have extra staff to support your move and get it right for you first time.

Ready to move in
or not quite yet?

We have rooms available now to move into if you are ready to make this happen. If you are looking to the future, you can join our waiting list for when you are ready.

We would love you to be able to visit Braeburn.

To discuss the option that’s best for your loved one, or to arrange a visit to Braeburn Home, please contact us by phone on 0131 332 1481 or drop us an email at

Our aims

Braeburn Home strives to provide high quality care in line with the Health and Social Care Standards and the Care Inspectorate standards.

To achieve this we try to ensure that:

  • Our house is a home
  • We value residents’ individuality and encourage them to express this
  • We respect residents’ privacy, wants and wishes
  • We encourage independence of residents to enable a fulfilling and meaningful life
  • We involve residents and their loved ones to be part of writing care plans
  • Care provided is person centred and relationship centred
  • There is a stimulating and happy atmosphere
  • Diversity, culture, faith and community connections are recognised and supported
  • Residents and their loved ones are kept informed

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About Braeburn

First and foremost we never forget that Braeburn is our residents’ home, and we always try to ensure it is homely.

The home was built in  the 1800’s and has 17 bedrooms of varying sizes.

Each room is freshly decorated before a new resident moves in, and all rooms have furniture, including profiling beds. You are welcome to bring your own furniture if it fits in the room and we can still provide care safely.

Our dining room has been recently renovated and is a bright and airy space where residents can come together for meals.

We have 2 sitting rooms, one is a calm relaxing room, ideal for bringing visitors in or relaxing and having cosy conversations.

Our second sitting room is bright and cheery, where we have activities and concerts.

There is space for cosy conversations or having visitors in to share a meal with you.

We have a large well maintained garden where residents are supported to visit, especially in the warmer months.

Senior Carers
Average Length of Service
Longest Service

Our Staff

We have very dedicated, qualified and passionate staff and maintain a very high ratios of staff to resident – during daytime we usually have 1 carer for every 3 residents.

You can meet some of the staff in the Who’s Who section of the website, discovering more about why they work at Braeburn Home.

Our staff are highly trained in the care of older people, with training being delivered both in the home and externally.

Why Choose Braeburn

dining room 1

Types of Care

Here at Braeburn we offer residential care, respite care, and 24hr nursing care for those residents who need that extra help. We provide specialised care for residents who have dementia, frailty, end of life care, or simply need companionship.

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Medical & Spiritual

We have an excellent relationship with our local GP.

We provide a wide range of spiritual care, supporting residents to follow their own religion or spirituality in a way that is meaningful to them.

PCS in action

Care Logging System

We use an online care logging system to document all care.

This is used by all nurses and carers to ensure that residents’ needs and treatments are known to everyone providing their care.

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Care Plans

We  use an online system called Person Centred Care, or PCS, to create all care plans.

A Century at
Inverleith Terrace

Number 35 Inverleith Terrace was built at the end of the 19th century by James Lindsay who was the son of the founder of William Lindsay, a cooper in Edinburgh. He named the house Edzell Lodge after the name of the lands of Clan Lindsay.

Braeburn food (2)

We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of food prepared for our residents, while also catering for dietary needs such as dysphagia (swallowing problems), allergies and texture requirements.

Our dedicated Activities Coordinator, Emma, ensures that there is always something of interest available for those residents that wish to join in. Everything from live music to external trips

Please speak to us – with no obligation – about current availability and pricing. We can help families through the process of applying for LA funding. Read more about our fees and what’s included.

Meaningful Connections

As family, you are always part of your relative’s care team. Regular review meetings and  use of the Relatives’ Gateway ensures that we establish and maintain meaningful connections with your love one.

We have recently introduced Namaste Care sessions. Find out what this means, and how it is benefiting our residents

2024 CARE INSPECTORATE REPORT The Care Inspectorate visit annually and report on adherence to standards. Here is our latest report (January 2024). …

2022 AGM Minutes and annual accounts Read the minutes of this year’s AGM   Minutes of AGM View the annual audited accounts …

2020 Care Inspectorate Report

2020 CARE INSPECTORATE REPORT The Care Inspectorate visit annually and report on adherence to standards. Here is our latest report (2020). 2020 …

Governance and Fundraising

Braeburn Home is a registered charity – details can be found on the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) website. Our Scottish Charity Registration number is SC039330.

The day to day operational running of the home is carried out by the home Manager, Shona, while strategic management lies with a Board made up of unpaid volunteers. There is excellent liaison between the Board and the Manager. The Board is also responsible for supporting the Manager in maintaining Health and safety, compliance, HR and finance. We welcome applications to join the Board, and if you are interested please contact us by phone or email.

The home is run on two streams of income, the main one by far is the residents’ fees, but we also raise funds with our annual fundraising Fete and Garden Party. These additional funds are used to support activities for residents.

Reviews & Testimonials

Braeburn has the feel and atmosphere of a peaceful family home. The care and attention of the entire team is second to none. With only eighteen residents and top quality management, nurses and carers, excellent attention to detail and a variety of activities to keep residents fulfilled and amused, Braeburn really is one big family and a home from home.

My aunt spent her final twenty-one months in Braeburn and was extremely happy and fulfilled among her newfound caring friends and Braeburn family. My only hope that it is still thriving in the future when it is my turn to be cared for.

Braeburn Home is an excellent care home. I was really pleased to get my mother a place there because I know the home from having had my aunt (my mother's sister) there for nearly ten years.

Everything about Braeburn is great, food, professional staff, friendliness, beautiful house with beautiful decor and furniture and good activities for those able to join in. It’s a lovely place to visit, and while my mother is extremely frail, she has even got better while in Braeburn, sleeping at night, calm during the day, now on fewer drugs, and looking more rested.

Quite expensive but apparently not unusual for this type of facility. My mother has been at Braeburn for approximately 18 months now and I consider the home to be excellent.

The staff are always friendly and courteous to me but more importantly, they appear to treat my mother similarly. My mother likes the staff and can have a laugh with them. Physically the home is always neat and tidy, with extra effort around special occasions eg. Christmas, Easter etc.

My sister has been resident at Braeburn Home for over three years and has received excellent care. I live at a distance so visits are infrequent, but I have always found the staff to be considerate and caring towards her. It is comforting to be assured of her well being there.
My mother was a resident at Braeburn Home for the last four years of her life. On first viewing Braeburn, the family decided that this was the perfect place for our mother to spend her most vulnerable years.

Braeburn is well appointed, clean and accessible whilst maintaining a traditional family home atmosphere. It’s relative small size adds to its appeal in this respect. Braeburn also has a good schedule of activities for residents. Over the four years I got to know the long-standing staff who likewise got to know my mother well and always treated her with dignity and respect. I cannot fault the care and kindness she received at Braeburn and the family look back on this as a happy time for our ailing mother.

Sheila M (daughter)

Braeburn offers wrap-around care that responds to the changing needs of your loved one day by day. The Team at Braeburn are quietly competent and genuinely care 'about' people as well as caring 'for' them'

Frequently Asked Questions

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Braeburn Home
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Braeburn Home

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